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San Francisco is a beautiful place to live, work, and play. There’s so much to see and do throughout the city that you will likely never be bored. From professional baseball to bars to upscale restaurants to the water; there’s something for everyone. There are thousands of people who walk to and from work, school, the doctor and stores each day in the city. Being a pedestrian is dangerous for all, so our San Francisco pedestrian accident attorney would like to discuss the following five tips for avoiding an accident as a pedestrian in today’s post.

1. Follow All Traffic Laws

Pedestrians must follow all traffic laws. That’s the bottom line. Pedestrians cannot cross against a traffic light. They cannot dart out in the middle of the street. They must cross at intersections and in marked crosswalks, where available. They must wait for a green light or for the walk signal to activate. Pedestrians must also do their best to stay out of bike lanes and other designated areas for vehicles.

2. Make Yourself Visible

This is much easier said than done. Pedestrians aren’t really concerned about what they wear in regards to how they will be seen by motorists, but it’s important. If you are going to work, there’s not much you can wear to the office that will help you as a pedestrian. Think about buying a tearaway reflective vest that you can fold up and put in your briefcase upon arrival at the office. This vest could very well wind up saving your life one day.

3. Look Twice Before Crossing

Pedestrians should look twice before deciding to step out into a street and cross. If you don’t feel comfortable crossing after looking twice take the time to look both ways a third or fourth time. There’s no hurry to cross the street if you don’t feel safe in the situation unfolding in front of you. Being late for work is better than sitting in a hospital bed or being killed in an accident involving a motor vehicle.

4. Make Eye Contact with Drivers

Do your best to make eye contact with drivers before crossing a street. This is especially important if you are crossing in a marked crosswalk at an intersection that is not controlled by a light. The driver might stop to let you cross, yielding the right of way to you, but you should still make eye contact with the driver. Making eye contact will help both of you get on the same page. This could help reduce the chances that you are in an accident involving a car.

5. Walk with a Friend

It’s not always possible but it’s a good idea to walk with a friend as often as you can. This can be when walking to and from work, going to school, heading out to eat, running errands and even going for a brisk walk at night as part of your exercise routine. When you walk with a friend there will always be someone there to help or to call 911 if something happens to you.

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