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The Importance of Hiring a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in San Francisco

April 20, 2024

Navigating California’s Complex Legal Terrain When dealing with a workplace injury in San Francisco, one is not only facing the physical and emotional repercussions but also entering the complex domain of California’s Workers’ Compensation laws. The state’s legal framework is designed to ensure injured workers receive timely medical treatment and adequate compensation. However, the intricate […]


Understanding Bicycle Accidents in San Francisco: A Guide by Your Personal Injury Lawyer

March 15, 2024

The Prevalence and Causes of Bicycle Accidents Bicycle accidents in San Francisco are a significant concern due to the city’s vibrant streets and the increasing popularity of cycling as a mode of transportation. The unique topography and urban layout contribute to the challenges cyclists face, including congested roads, frequent intersections, and shared spaces with motor […]


Navigating Mass Transit Injury Accidents in San Francisco: A Guide

February 16, 2024

San Francisco’s mass transit system, encompassing buses, trolleys, and the iconic cable cars, is an integral part of the city’s bustling urban fabric. However, with the high volume of commuters relying on these services daily, accidents and injuries can occur, leaving passengers facing not only physical harm but also complex legal challenges. Understanding your rights […]


Understanding San Francisco’s Unique Traffic Laws and Your Personal Injury Rights

January 17, 2024

San Francisco’s bustling streets are governed by a unique set of traffic laws, designed to accommodate its dense urban environment and diverse modes of transportation. From the steep hills to the busy crosswalks, understanding these laws is crucial for navigating the city safely and for knowing your rights in the event of a personal injury. […]


The Role of Technology in Enhancing Personal Injury Claims in San Francisco

December 20, 2023

In the city of San Francisco, where the streets are alive with a vibrant mix of pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles of all kinds, personal injury claims have found an unexpected ally in technology. Advances in technology are revolutionizing the way personal injury claims are documented, processed, and resolved, providing victims with new tools to support […]


Google Commuter Bus Crashes into Numerous Vehicles, Injuring One, in San Francisco’s Castro District

November 29, 2023

On November 6th, 2023, a commuter bus crashed in the Castro District. When San Francisco Police arrived at the scene between 20th and 21st Streets, they found the commuter bus and at least four other vehicles with substantial damage. Early hypotheses suggested the bus may have unintentionally rolled backward, initiating a series of impacts. From […]


Two People Killed in Oakland Hit-and-Run Involving Stolen Car from Daly City

October 20, 2023

On September 24, 2023, two people were killed and one person was injured in a hit-and-run accident in Oakland, California. The driver of the car that caused the accident fled the scene but was later caught. The victims of this accident have the right to sue the driver for damages. This includes compensation for medical […]


San Francisco Traffic Stats: An Insightful Analysis by Allegiance Law

September 14, 2023

The streets of San Francisco are iconic, bustling with life, steep inclines, and intricate intersections. However, in 2022, they also became increasingly perilous. As dedicated San Francisco Car Accident Attorneys, Allegiance Law seeks to enlighten residents about the recent surge in traffic-related fatalities and how best to navigate the city safely. The Stark Numbers 2022 […]


Electric Car Accidents vs. Gasoline Car Accidents: What You Need to Know

August 14, 2023

Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular, and with that comes the question of safety. Are electric cars more or less likely to be involved in accidents than gasoline cars? Studies on Electric Car Accidents A study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) found that electric cars were involved in 1.21 crashes per million […]


Pedestrian Killed in Hit-and-Run Crash in San Francisco

July 19, 2023

A pedestrian was killed in a hit-and-run crash in San Francisco’s Bayview District on July 18. The victim, a 58-year-old man, was crossing the street when he was struck by a car. The car fled the scene and has not been found. The crash occurred at approximately 10:00 PM at the intersection of Third Street […]