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“How will we get there and back?” your friend asks.

“We’ll get an Uber,” you respond.

This is a typical conversation across the country now. Just the fact that everyone in the conversation knows what you mean when you say “Uber” means that the ridesharing service has come a long way over the last few years.

Of course, Burlingame residents are familiar with ridesharing services. The Bay Area is home to most of the major ridesharing companies and the birthplace of Uber. While most rides are safe and get you to and from your destination in one piece, sometimes accidents happen.

If your Uber driver has gotten into an accident, one of our Uber accident attorneys in Burlingame may be able to help you. Allegiance Law understands the complexities of these cases and is ready to assist you.

Catch A Ride

It’s a quick trip to San Francisco from Burlingame but maybe you just don’t feel like taking your own vehicle. So, you call an Uber. As with any ridesharing service, you expect the vehicle to be clean and the driver to be professional. Most of all, you expect your driver to be safe on the roadway.

But what if they aren’t? If your Uber driver is impaired by drugs or alcohol and gets into a wreck, you could end up with injuries. If your driver is distracted by their phone, maybe sending and reading text messages, then you are at risk.

Hit By An Uber

What if you are in another vehicle or are walking down the road and are hit by an Uber vehicle and injured? It’s not what you expected when your day began. If you weren’t at fault you may wonder if the driver or company is liable for damages or injuries.

If you’ve seen the news, you will notice that Uber is now participating in food delivery programs. This means that there will be even more Uber drivers on the road.

What To Do

Do Uber drivers have insurance?

Yes, they do.

We want you to be aware that Uber covers each independent driver with a $1 million liability policy. If an Uber driver causes you injuries or damages your property while they are operating with a passenger, you may be due compensation.

But will that insurance apply if they were delivering food and not people?

You will have many questions if you’ve been involved in an Uber accident, whether you were a passenger or another party involved. Allegiance Law will help you get the answers. We will walk you through the entire case and help you gather the information you need, from police and medical reports to insurance information.

A Burlingame Uber accident attorney is standing by to help you. Don’t speak with any insurance companies or Uber representatives until you seek legal advice. Here at Allegiance Law, we know how to handle these situations and will help you through it. You can contact us by clicking here or calling 415-404-6395.