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Sometimes injuries occur from an accident that can be categorized under multiple personal injury topics. Our San Mateo Personal Injury Attorneys at Allegiance Law can help clarify which category best suits your situation. In choosing a category our attorneys must take the time to get to know your story, the facts, and the injuries. Once we gather all the information we can make an informed decision on how to file your injury.

If your injury resulted from a car accident then our Car Accident Attorneys at Allegiance Law are ready to represent your needs. However, if it is because the car caught fire due to a malfunction then our San Mateo Product Liability Attorneys are ready to get you the compensation you deserve. In order to show the complication of injury and accidents, here is a tragic story involving a bachelorette party, a limo, the San Mateo Bridge, and a fire.

The Limo Fire

Neriza Foja was a nurse who was newly married and celebrating with her eight best nurse friends for an after party bridal shower. In order to ramp up the event, the women hired a 1999 Lincoln Town Car to take them to the Crowne Plaza Hotel where Foja would reunite with her husband. At age 31, Foja and her husband were looking forward to a long life together. They even planned a trip to the Philippines to have another official ceremony in front of her family there. Unfortunately, the celebration came to a staggering halt when the town car caught on fire.

Out of the eight women in the car, only three survived. The other five, including Foja, died at the scene. The story goes that the driver pulled over after one of the women yelled that they smelled smoke. One of the women kept yelling for the driver to unlock the doors, but it is uncertain whether he heard them or not. Either way, the whole back of the car burst in flames which prevented the women from exiting the car anyway. Some women crawled through the window through the driver’s side.

Investigators discovered that it was a faulty rear brake that caused sparks which caught the interior on fire. Since the incident new legislation is in the works for limos to require pop out windows for those who ride.

The Moral Of The Story

The tragic story begs the question, is this a car accident or a product liability issue? Because there was something faulty with the town car it seems more likely a product liability issue. Our San Mateo Product Liability Attorneys have the resources and experience to ensure that you or your loved one will feel justice. Product Liability holds the manufacturers or companies of products liable for their product going awry. Don’t let them get away with it. Call 415-404-6395 or click here to start your free consultation with professional attorneys at Allegiance Law in San Mateo today. We can help sort through your situation for the best relief.

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