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Think of a sport, any sport. Did you think of football? Basketball? Baseball? Soccer? Maybe Golf snuck into your head? You are right. All of these are sports, but what about cheerleading? Traditional sports like those mentioned have the resources and organizations to help students who have been injured, but what about cheerleading? Our sports injury attorneys in San Francisco at Allegiance Law holds a special place for athletes. High school and college-aged athletes are under enormous pressure on the field. Not only do they practice constantly, but his or her futures are driven by each performance. Cheerleaders aren’t just jumping on the sidelines, they are hitting it big at worldwide competitions.

Cheerleading is considered one of the most dangerous sports for high school and college-aged athletes. Cheerleading is more than just shaking pom-poms and smiling. Cheerleading is a mix of acrobatics, dance, and gymnastics. Cheerleaders have to maintain strict diets and weight in order to maintain the level of intense performance moves. If you have never seen a professional cheerleading performance, it is quite a show. Young athletes lift each other high in the air, more fall into the arms of others, and there are so many front and backflips. It truly is a sight to be seen, but at what expense to our athletes?

Jessica Smith’s Story

Jessica Smith loved being a cheerleader until she almost lost her life while cheering. Jessica was a “flyer” on her team. This meant that she got tossed around a lot. During a performance, Jessica completed a handstand and was then tossed into the air. The person who was supposed to catch her failed. Jessica fell 15 ft. and landed on her neck. The doctor diagnosed her with a fractured spine. Had the fracture moved another millimeter Jessica could have been paralyzed. Jessica’s story is hard to swallow, but she isn’t the only one facing sports injuries. Turns out, Jessica has more luck than most.

Three main injuries in cheerleading are broken bones, concussion, and paralysis. Just because you consent to let your child play on a team does not mean you have no options. Our San Francisco Sport Injury Attorneys understand how devastating it is for athletes to be told they may never play again. We have seen the victims and know their stories. The victims of sports injuries need as much psychological help as they do physical. Their whole life just changed; their future, gone.

What To Do

Despite the despair of getting injured while playing your favorite sport, you must exercise your right to sue for damages. In more horrific stories than Jessica’s, coaches have delayed calling 911 assuming the athlete can walk it off. Severe accidents like falling from great heights or getting hit with great impact are life endangering. You gave consent but you didn’t give permission for neglect. Let us fight for you. Call 415-404-6395 or click here to start a conversation with our professional attorneys at Allegiance Law in San Francisco today.

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