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Whether you have your own vehicle or not, sometimes you just don’t feel like driving. A decade ago that would have meant you needed to find some kind of public transportation or call a taxi, now, ridesharing services like Lyft have changed the transportation world.

You get out your smartphone, open an app, press a button. That’s all it takes to get a Lyft driver to your door quickly. You hope your ride is uneventful and safe. Unfortunately, accidents happen sometimes.

If they do happen, you may need a Daly City Lyft accident attorney. At Allegiance Law, we can help you determine your steps after a ridesharing accident.

Popularity Rising

Lyft is popular, which anyone around the Daly City and San Francisco area knows. First, we were used to seeing the pink mustaches on the front of vehicles. Now we see the little Lyft stickers in the window. Ridesharing is everywhere.

People use Lyft for many different reasons. Sometimes, you are going out for the night and don’t want to have to worry about a ride home for you and your friends. No problem. Lyft drivers can be your designated drivers. Maybe you need to run to the store or to the bank. Lyft can take you there.

But what happens when you get into an accident while you are in your Lyft vehicle?

You expect your driver to be safe and follow traffic laws. Unfortunately, there have been instances where Lyft drivers have been cited for driving impaired. Others have been cited for distracted driving.

A Newer Industry

Many people think the ridesharing industry has grown too fast and that regulations haven’t been able to keep up. It’s true. Lyft and other ridesharing services aren’t nearly as regulated as traditional transportation services. States and municipalities have little to no control over Lyft drivers or their vehicles. Where before, you knew your city bus was inspected regularly, do you know that your Lyft vehicle is?

This can leave to unsafe conditions for their passengers, not to mention other drivers and pedestrians on the road. A Lyft accident can leave many people wondering what steps they should take next.

What To Do

Getting into a Lyft accident can be unexpected, scary, and frustrating. At Allegiance Law, our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys will work with you to ensure that someone else’s negligence doesn’t cause you headaches when it comes to medical bills or lost income. We want you to be fairly compensated. If you need a Lyft accident attorney in San Mateo, you can contact us by clicking here or calling 415-404-6395. Before you speak with insurance companies or Lyft themselves, be sure you understand all of your rights.