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Getting around the Daly City and San Francisco Bay area can be hectic. Despite the beautiful scenery and abundance of life, it can get crowded. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to get around without having to actually start your own vehicle up. One of those ways is ridesharing and we know people in this area are familiar with Uber.

When you press the button on your smartphone and quickly see the vehicle with the little “U” sticker in the window, you get in expecting to arrive at your destination safely. Unfortunately, accidents do occur.

If you’ve been involved in an accident while in an Uber vehicle or have been hit by an Uber vehicle, you may need a Daly City Uber accident attorney. Here at Allegiance Law, we understand the complexities of these cases and are ready to help you through them.

The Rise of Ridesharing

While many places around the country are just figuring out that ridesharing is a thing, in the Bay area, we are certainly familiar with them. This is the birthplace of Uber, the largest ridesharing service in the world. Uber now has over 400,000 drivers in the United States. Thousands of those drivers are right here around us.

Chances are, you’ve used Uber. When you do, you expect your driver to be friendly and professional and your vehicle to be clean and safe. Most Uber rides meet your expectations.

Unfortunately, not every ride goes as planned.

When It Happens

There have been multiple reports of Uber drivers being cited for DUI or distracted driving. Your first thought must be – that really puts their passengers at risk. You’re right, but they aren’t the only ones who could get hurt.

What about other drivers on the road? How about pedestrians in the crosswalk?

Uber drivers should never be impaired and should never be distracted while driving. Their phones and devices should be put away while they are transporting someone. Their negligence shouldn’t alter your life.

With the rise of alternate Uber uses, such as Uber food delivery programs, there are sure to be even more Uber vehicles on the road and the potential for accidents will rise.

What To Do

If you’ve been in an Uber car accident, you will have many questions. Allegiance Law wants to help you get answers. We will help you get all the information for your case, from police reports and insurance information to your medical records. We want you to be aware that Uber covers each independent driver with a $1 million liability policy. Are you due any of that?

We’ll find out.

You may need an Uber accident attorney in Daly City. Regardless of who was at fault, whether your Uber driver or another party, insurance companies will step in to attempt a quick resolution that may not benefit you. Here at Allegiance Law, we know how to handle these situations and will help you through it. You can contact us by clicking here or calling 415-404-6395.