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Car accidents, in general, are a scary experience, but when hit and runs are involved alongside pedestrian accidents the reality of car accidents and fatalities really hit. A recent accident consisting of both a hit and run and pedestrian showed how horrific both these events can be.

The incident that occurred

On interstate five in Solana Beach, a woman recently ended up sadly losing her life in a pedestrian accident. The whole ordeal began when the deceased who was driving a Hyundai Electra collided with a Lincoln LS and ran out the car in an attempt to flee the scene of the accident. The Hyundai hit the LS with such extreme force that it jolted across the road and hit a traffic light. While fleeing the scene the woman ran onto the interstate being hit by a Ford Fiesta and losing her life.

The effects of pedestrian accidents in California

A report punished by the California Department of Public Health showed that in a seven-year period between 2007 and 2013 fatal pedestrian accidents increased by eleven percent. That means that out of 100,000 pedestrian accidents every 1.8 ended in a fatality. In 2013 that rose to 2 per every 100,000 citizens. Pedestrian accident-related injuries, however, dropped to 13.5 percent by 2013.

The number of injuries seemed to decline even further. The Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) report, “Spotlight on Highway Safety” showed the number of pedestrian fatalities in California fell between the first half of 2015 and the first half of 2016 by 11.4%.

Even though the numbers for injuries look good the fatalities are detrimental. In the United States of America, four states total 42 percent of pedestrian fatalities and California is one of them.

Why do these accidents occur?

One of the major contributing factors to these pedestrian accidents is the ever-increasing levels of already high population within the state. A lot of people opt to walk or cycle to places due to the good weather resulting in the likelihood of vehicle-pedestrian accidents increasing.

Lack of safe areas such as walking paths and pedestrian crossings alongside a lack of safety knowledge by both drivers and pedestrians also account for these high numbers.

What to do next?

If you have questions about being involved in a car accident and have suffered a financial loss it is important to speak to our knowledgeable and skilled San Francisco car accident attorneys right away. There are crucial time frames involved within which you must act in order to claim compensation for a pedestrian accident that wasn’t your fault.

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