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Distracted driving takes a person’s attention away from the road. Most drivers know that it is illegal to hold and use cell phones while driving, but many do it anyway. Distracted driving can be deadly. Drivers across California have listed distracted driving as one of their biggest safety concerns on state roadways.

As experienced San Francisco car accident attorneys, the legal team at Allegiance Law knows how devastating the consequence of a collision from distracted driving can be. No matter how cautious you drive, you cannot always avoid the negligence and recklessness of other drivers. If you have been in a collision involving a distracted driver it is important to contact an attorney today to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Distracted Drivers in San Francisco

Distracted driving is a serious issue and can result in a deadly collision. Distracted driving comes in many forms, including:

  • Talking or texting on your phone
  • Using an application on your phone
  • Scrolling through the radio
  • Eating or drinking while driving
  • Reaching for objects in the passenger or rear seats
  • Talking to other passengers inside the vehicle
  • Applying make-up while driving

According to the San Francisco Driving Campaign, using your phone (or any distraction) while driving makes you 23 times more likely to swerve, slam on the brakes, sideswipe, or even crash. Additionally, the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute has found that while texting and driving the average time a person’s eyes are off the road is 5 seconds, which is the equivalent of driving the length of an entire football field blindfolded.

More pointedly, according to the California Highway Safety Division, in a recent 10-year span, “1,949 people lost their lives and 6,047 people were seriously injured in distracted driving collisions.”

No distracted driving is safe driving, but texting while driving is particularly more dangerous because it involves being distracted visually, manually, and cognitively all at the same time.

San Francisco Distracted Driving Laws

Several states have realized the dangers of distracted driving, which is why there is an increase in laws that ban texting while driving. In California, drivers are prohibited from texting, talking, and using their phones while driving. California drivers can only talk on their phones while driving if they are equipped with a hands-free device.

California has enacted a series of laws aimed to reduce collisions caused by distracted driving. In summary, the laws state:

  1. Drivers under 18 years of age are prohibited from using any form of communication device while driving (this includes hands-free devices).
  2. Drivers over the age of 18 may operate a cell phone or similar devices using hands-free technology speakerphone, car’s Bluetooth, etc.).
  3. All ages are prohibited from texting (or scrolling through their phone) while driving.

The only exceptions to the above laws are: (1) if a person is on their own, private property, (2) if there is an emergency, and (3) if the individual is an authorized emergency vehicle driver.

Distracted driving penalties can be minor, unless the person has caused an injury or death, then there are more serious consequences. Typically, for a first-time offense, the penalty will be a driving ticket for $75 and a second offense will be a ticket up to $190. Distracted driving is a moving violation and will remain on a person’s driving record.

How a Distracted Driving Attorney Accident Attorney Can Help You

Distracted driving is a serious issue. Visual attention while driving is important and looking away for even a second can lead to a collision or deadly accident.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident caused by a distracted driver, it is important to contact an experienced San Francisco distracted driving accident attorney today. The attorneys at Allegiance Law have a proven record of success arguing cases just like yours. Contact our attorneys today by calling us at 415-404-6395 to find out exactly what we can do for you.