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Riding a motorcycle can be a very freeing experience, but it also means you can be quite vulnerable on busy San Francisco roads populated by cars, trucks, buses, and other vehicles whose drivers are safely ensconced behind a metal frame. At Allegiance Law, we understand how traumatic a motorcycle accident can be – not only are you likely to be in considerable pain and discomfort from the injuries you have sustained, but you may also be facing financial hardship due to being unable to work. When a motorcycle accident is caused by the negligent or deliberately dangerous behavior of another, you should not simply accept your physical and emotional injuries, nor the financial cost of the incident.

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Many motorcycle riders know that those who drive cars don’t necessarily understand what it means to have the privilege of operating a motorcycle. It boils down to more than just the thrill of the wind whipping through your hair or feeling the powerful rumble of the bike’s engine. It is the sense of freedom in commuting on the open road that is difficult to understand until you actually experience it for yourself.

Nevertheless, motorcycle riders are acutely aware that they don’t have the same protections as automobile drivers. Riders must rely on other drivers to behave in a safe and appropriate way on the roads.

How do Motorcycle Accident Injuries Happen?

At Allegiance Law, San Francisco Personal Injury Attorneys, we know what it means to have a unique understanding of the position you may be in when an accident occurs. You might have years of experience under your belt and a safe driving record, but insurance companies will still try to tarnish your reputation as a driver in good standing. Insurance companies tend to treat you differently because you ride instead of drive.

Motorcycle injuries commonly occur when:

  • Drivers fail to see a motorcycle’s signal when the bike is turning.
  • Hazardous conditions, such as slippery road surfaces, uneven pavement, or even loose gravel.
  • Reckless driving, driving above the speed limit, tailgating, or inattentively driving.
  • Driving under the influence, besides external conditions or blind spots, inebriation is a huge contributing factor in fatal motor vehicle accidents.

Due to these influencing conditions, personal injuries and even death are imminent. Drivers are likely to suffer from, concussions and/or permanent brain damage, biker’s arm which is permanent nerve damage in the upper part of the body, road rash or whenever a rider slides along the pavement or gravel, broken bones and joints from harsh impact and facial disfigurement which results from not wearing the proper protective head equipment.

Motorcycle accidents will no doubt lead to severe and permanent injuries like the ones listed above that will cost expensive medical bills and lost wages.

We don’t believe it is right by any means for motorcycle riders to be ineligible for the appropriate protection when it comes to riding a motorcycle. We never treat our clients differently or try to get you to settle for less, just because you ride a motorcycle. We fight to get you the fair compensation you deserve following a roadway accident. We have a successful track record of consistently winning on behalf of bikers.

Issues Arising from San Francisco Motorcycle Accidents

One of the advantages of working with an excellent attorney is the knowledge that your case will not be halted by any of the common issues which may arise following a motorcycle accident. Should you attempt to pursue your claim alone, you would be ill-equipped to deal with the obstacles which can appear in your path.
Some obstacles a San Francisco motorcycle accident attorney could navigate on your behalf may include:

At-Fault Issues:

These can potentially include driving at excessive speed, failure to yield, no-contact crashes, and similar scenarios. While some expertise is required to successfully counteract such a claim, an Allegiance Law auto accident attorney is well-equipped to get your case back on track.

Insurance Issues:

It is not uncommon for an insurance company to either reject a claim outright or attempt to minimize the damages recovered. Would you know what to do if this happened to you?

Police Report Issues:

We recognize the hard work that police in San Francisco and beyond do to keep us all safe, but sometimes the police reports compiled after a motorcycle accident can make your claim more complicated than it needs to be. Mistakes can be made, even by officers of the law, but a skilled attorney can work with that, without allowing it to influence the outcome of your case.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your San Francisco motorcycle accident, you may find that some attorneys refuse to take it on, stating that you have no case, or that fault would be too difficult to prove. At Allegiance Law, we do not believe in either of these scenarios. Our loyalty is always with our clients, meaning we will do our utmost to secure the compensation you deserve, no matter what the circumstances.

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