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If you own a motorcycle, then you know how much fun they can be. On a motorcycle, you get to experience the freedom of hitting the road and feeling the wind rush by on a beautiful day. It gives you a connection that a regular vehicle can’t.

While we know you take the appropriate precautions to be safe on the roadway, sometimes accidents happen and they are out of your control. If this happens to you, you may need a motorcycle accident attorney in San Mateo. At Allegiance Law, we can help you through what is sure to be a confusing process.

Plenty of Motorcycles

California has more than 800 thousand bikes on its roadways. That’s a ton of bikes, more than in any other state. We can’t imagine any better climate for enjoying a motorcycle ride.

Unfortunately, vehicle drivers are often careless when it comes to operating around motorcycles. Impaired or distracted drivers pose a serious threat to motorcyclists, more so than they do to other vehicles on the roadway. Sometimes, even roadway conditions can cause you to crash your motorcycle. Inadequately repaired or improperly designed roads are dangerous, especially for motorcyclists. Pot holes pose a more serious threat to motorcycle riders than they do to regular vehicles. In 2016, the latest statistics available, over 5,000 people were killed and 90,000 injured in motorcycle accidents in the United States.

When a vehicle impacts a motorcycle, or road conditions cause a wreck, the potential for severe injury is extreme. When you are on a motorcycle, you just don’t have the same level of protection that you do in a vehicle. There is no metal frame to dampen the impact and no airbag to soften the blow.

If a careless driver hits you while you are on a motorcycle, injuries can range from soft tissue damage to broken and dislocated bones. You could end up in the hospital and missing work, causing bills to pile up.

Often, injuries from a motorcycle crash extend beyond physical ones. The emotional trauma can lead to PTSD. These injuries can cause long-term complications that can negatively impact your life.

What To Do

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident as the driver or a passenger, it can be a scary and confusing experience. Immediately seek medical treatment for all injuries, no matter how minor they may seem at the time. Some internal and head injuries don’t show symptoms until well after an incident. Ensure that the police are notified and get copies of all reports related to the accident. Don’t speak with insurance companies until you have all the information available to you and you seek legal advice.

If another driver’s negligence or improperly designed roads caused your accident, you may need a San Mateo motorcycle accident attorney. At Allegiance Law, we understand the complications that go with accidents, from medical and insurance claims to figuring out who was at fault. We will help you through the process, answering all of your questions. You can contact us by clicking here or calling 415-404-6395.