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As you may or may not know, experts can be key to winning a personal injury lawsuit, because often, they are the only people capable of persuading an arbitrator, judge or jury when it comes to determining fault in a bus accident.

Many people believe that accident reconstruction experts are the only experts whose testimony can be used in the courtroom, but this is not true. There is actually a wide range of experts that can testify after a bus accident or any other motor vehicle accident in California to establish fault.

“Which experts can be used in my bus accident case to help me seek compensation for my injuries?” you may be wondering. “Typically, evidence is not readily available in bus accident cases, and determining fault is too complicated due to the fact that multiple parties may be involved,” explains our San Francisco bus accident attorney from Allegiance Law. That is where experts can be of great help.

Experts who can be retained in a bus accident case in San Francisco or elsewhere in California include but are not limited to:

  • Accident reconstruction experts
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Human factors experts
  • Biomedical engineers
  • Photogrammetry experts (those who create computer animation or simulation to simulate the accident)

Accident reconstruction experts

These experts are most commonly retained by the best bus accident lawyers in California to determine fault when bus passengers were injured in the event of a crash while riding a bus.

In order to do their job and “reconstruct” the accident, these experts rely not only upon the testimony of witnesses and parties involved, but also upon the physical evidence available at the scene of the accident. Physical evidence includes but is not limited to photographs taken by participants and witnesses, videos or surveillance footage, the nature of skid marks and the extent of motor vehicle damage, among other things.

Human factor experts

Human factor is often the main cause of bus accidents, which is why retaining human factor experts can be key to winning a bus accident case in California. These experts have experience in engineering and psychology, which is how they are qualified to testify on each party’s behavior whether that party was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, was trying to flee the scene, was aggressive, or manifested any other behavioral signs that could help establish his or her fault.

Biomedical experts and mechanical engineers

These experts are vital in a bus accident case because they can determine not only whether any component, equipment, or parts were defective (and whether the defect caused the crash), but also establish the forces involved in the crash and how these forces caused or contributed to the parties’ injuries.

Photogrammetry experts

You may have trouble pronouncing the name of these experts, but they will have no trouble proving that the other party was at-fault if your San Francisco bus accident attorney works alongside a photogrammetry expert. These experts create a computer animation or simulation, photographs or even a film to recreate the accident and demonstrate in court how the accident unfolded in real time.

For example, let’s say that you, as a boarding bus passenger, were hit by a bus while attempting to board the bus, and the bus driver claims that you did not make yourself visible. It may be impossible to prove that the bus driver should have seen you without having a photogrammetry expert create a video or computer animation or simulation demonstrating how it all happened. Do keep in mind, however, that retaining photogrammetry experts is not cheap, but your lawyer will be able to reimburse these costs by winning your case.

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