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Car accidents and fatalities happen every day. When a young child dies, somehow the loss is deeper. Is it because the young child was helpless and at the whim of the driver? Is it because the young child will never understand what happened? Or is it because the child has died before getting the opportunity to experience so much this world has to offer? Our Burlingame Car Accident Attorneys at Allegiance Law has worked with clients of all ages. We have worked with families and single individuals. We have worked with clients with major injuries and those who have lost their loved ones. Whoever you are or whatever the situation, if your injuries were caused by a negligent driver then we are ready to fight for you.

Tragic Sunday

It was a Sunday afternoon at 12:20 pm when two teenagers were waiting for their car on the side of the road. The car must have broken down prompting the girls to get out of it while they waited for a friend to come to help them. The two teenagers sat behind the car, one sitting in the trunk and the other in a lawn chair. A drunk driver drifted over the shoulder and ran straight into the two teenagers. When the police arrived, the two teenage girls were found pinned between the truck and the broken down car. They were both pronounced dead on the scene. The drunk driver, however, was still very much alive.

These two young women had a life to live. They were just starting to discover the opportunities of this world. Their chance at life was taken by an irresponsible driver. This is why you need our Burlingame Car Accident Attorneys at Allegiance Law by your side. We know that in order to succeed in a car accident case you need proof that the other driver was expressing negligent behavior. When the driver responsible is under the influence, it is easier to prove. However, there are circumstances when it is not so easy. Our Burlingame Car Accident Attorneys are ready to accept that challenge if it means bringing our clients justice.

What To Expect

The story of the two teenagers is extreme. Most common injuries from car accidents include head trauma, neck or back injury, bruising, broken limbs, or internal bleeding amongst other injuries. These injuries can range from minor to severe. Whatever your injury, there are more than just medical bills to discover. If you are injured then you can’t work. If you can’t work then you can’t generate income. This is why it is so important when filing a civil suit to be specific about the amount of money you need in order to survive the recovery of your injuries. Insurance companies are not willing to pay out what you need. But with our Car Accident Attorneys by your side, there is a possibility that you will get all you need. Call 415-404-6395 or click here to start a conversation with professional attorneys at Allegiance Law in Burlingame today.

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