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California has seen a stark increase in vehicle deaths over the Covid-19 pandemic. Traffic deaths are up 5%. Pedestrian deaths saw 485 fatalities in the first six months alone. Without the usual traffic, drivers have become increasingly dangerous behind the wheel.

Will the Administration’s plan give California the resources it needs to curb the rising death toll?

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How Many Californians Are Dying?

During the pandemic shutdowns, more Californians died on the roads than the year before. According to The National Safety Council;

  • Motor vehicle fatalities increased 8% in the last year
  • 42,060 people died on American roads during the Covid-19 shutdowns
  • The estimated mileage death rate rose 24%
  • The estimated miles the average American traveled decreased by 13%, suggesting a significant change in driver behavior
  • Serious injuries from motor vehicle accidents rose to 4,795,000
  • The approximate cost of deaths, injuries, and property damage during the pandemic is $474.4 billion

Pedestrian deaths and other traffic-related deaths saw a substantial increase even though fewer drivers were on the roads. Consultants agree that reckless driving and driving under the influence contributed to the high rise in fatalities and injuries. With so many people home, the streets were wide open, and those that did drive chose to speed and ignore road signs.

What is Biden’s Plan for California?

Biden has a massive infrastructure plan to bring American roads up to date, focusing on changing behavior and trends. More people are walking and biking than ever before. Unfortunately, pedestrian and bicyclist deaths are on the rise. Biden plans to give $20 Billion to safety programs aimed at pedestrian safety and efforts to address speeding.

Initiatives are making some headway. Some include “education and prevention of bad driving behaviors” that put pedestrians and bicyclists at risk. The hope is that with more funding, these initiatives can accelerate their progress.

The Safety Council’s Mark Chung, vice president of the roadway practice area, envisions more help for people of color. He cited over a four-year data showed African Americans accounting for 20% of pedestrian deaths and Hispanics accounting for 20% of pedestrian deaths.

Another emphasis is the need for more driver assistance systems in vehicles. Chung lists automatic emergency braking and more alcohol detection systems. Speed and red-light cameras are also very useful at preventing reckless driving.

Other improvements include;

  • Pavement markings increased from 4 inches to 6 inches, making them more visible
  • Giving the markings more contrast on bridges by making them black

While numerous improvements can be made, the influx of funds will allow the safety networks to get started in the right direction.

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