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Burlingame is so beautiful that you may wonder just how to take in all the wonderful sights while you’re in a vehicle. The answer is – you can’t. You need to take a bicycle ride to enjoy it all.

Riding a bike can be relaxing, whether you are using it for leisure or exercise. It can give you a sense of freedom like no other ride can. Unfortunately, no matter how safe you are when you are on your bike, sometimes accidents happen because other vehicles on the roadway aren’t paying attention.

If the worst does happen and you get hit while you are on your bike, you may need a Burlingame bicycle accident attorney. At Allegiance Law, our experienced attorneys are ready to step in and help you through this process.

Taking Off

Burlingame has some amazing places to ride around. Whether you want to bike though the many beautiful neighborhoods or ride downtown, you can make a whole day of it. Do some shopping, grab a bite to eat, and head down to the Bay for the view.

Some people make a family affair out of biking. What can be better than enjoying a day out together?

But what happens if a vehicle driver is distracted and causes an accident?

While we hope this never happens to you, we know you can’t control other drivers on the road. Whether someone is driving impaired by drugs or alcohol or maybe looking down at their phones, any accident with a vehicle can have devastating consequences for a bicyclist.

A bicyclist has almost no protection against a vehicle. When thousands of pounds crashes into a person, even at a slow speed, the injuries can be severe. When you are on a bike, you don’t have anything to break your fall, and you are hit twice – once by the vehicle and once by the ground.

Bicycle accidents often cause dislocations or fractures. Sometimes, they cause internal or head injuries. These injuries can result in long hospital stays and maybe even extended rehabilitation. The emotional damage can last a lifetime.

If you are hurt and have to miss work because of someone else’s negligence, the livelihood of you and your family could be in jeopardy because of lost income.

What To Do

Will insurance cover my expenses?

What about work? Will I lose income?

Will I be able to put food on the table?

You may have all of those questions and more in the aftermath of an accident that seriously injures you. We want to help answer them.

You can contact us by clicking here or calling 415-404-6395 for a free consultation. At Allegiance law, our bicycle accident attorneys in Burlingame know how to handle these cases, from gathering all the documents you need to dealing with insurance companies that may not have your best interests in mind. We believe everyone should be compensated fairly if they are injured due to someone else’s negligence.