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A personal injury matter may arise from many different scenarios. In essence, a personal injury case occurs when you are injured as the result of another party’s actions. Some of the most commonly occurring examples: a motor vehicle accident occurs, such as a car accidentmotorcycle accidenttrucking accident, or bus accident.

However, a personal injury matter does not have to involve a motor vehicle. Personal injury matters can also concern slip-and-fall injuries. Anytime an individual is harmed by the negligent actions of another party, there may be a claim.

If you have been injured, please contact the personal injury attorneys at San Francisco, CA-based Allegiance Law. The consultation is free and you are under no obligation to retain the attorneys at Allegiance Law.

If you have been injured or traumatized and believe it is the fault of someone else then you are likely to have a personal injury case.

Only an attorney who works in the field of personal injury can make the determination of whether or not you have a personal injury case. Contact Allegiance Law in order to determine if what occurred to you is a viable matter for a personal injury lawsuit.

Nearly all personal injury lawyers get paid only if the case is won. This is known as working on a contingency basis. Most personal injury law firms work only on a percentage-based fee; they get paid a preset amount of your award only, and there are no further costs, regardless of expenses in trying your case. If your case is lost, the law firm does not receive any money from you.

Allegiance Law charges on a contingency fee basis only. This means that there is no upfront cost to you. Allegiance Law only gets paid if there is a settlement of a winning verdict.

Many times this is the first question people want to ask and it is the hardest question to answer.

There are many different variables that go into the determination of the value of a personal injury matter. These variables encompass: the type of injury suffered; the costs of medical treatment; the amount of time missed from work; any other economic losses, pain or suffering. There are also negative factors that can minimize the value of your case including any partial fault that may be contributed to you for contributory negligence.

However, once these factors are known by your attorney, a firm value cannot be assigned to your case yet, and be wary of any attorney who tells you what your case is worth. Many times the personal injury attorney will not know the amount of insurance involved or the individual assets of the defendant.

Contact one of the personal injury attorneys for your free consultation at Allegiance Law to begin discussing your personal injury matter.

There is no set formula for a personal injury lawsuit, as each matter is unique. As a matter of fact, many cases can be resolved without ever having to file a lawsuit in court.
Generally what happens is there are an initial investigation and factual inquiry. It is at this stage the attorney will make a determination on how to proceed with your matter. If the case is relatively straightforward, your attorney may attempt to resolve the matter directly with the other party’s insurance company.

If the matter is more complicated, your attorney may make the determination to avoid negotiations with the insurance company, and proceed directly to court.

Contact one of the personal injury attorneys for your free consultation at Allegiance Law to begin discussing your personal injury matter.

There are no hard and fast rules that determine how long a matter will take to resolve. There have been instances where a case is resolved very quickly and there are matters that go all the way to a jury trial, which takes a long time to reach. Even after a trial and a winning verdict, the matter could still linger due to appeals.

The key to a lawsuit is being patient with the process and with your attorney. Your attorney has your best interests in mind.

Nearly all attorneys who work in the field of personal injury offer free consultations, and most attorneys will offer their opinion into a matter that is already pending.

A good attorney will generally be available to his or her clients. A good attorney will promptly return phone calls and will keep their clients apprised of their matters. Proceeding on your matter is generally in their interests, as well as yours.

If you do not feel that your attorney is actively pursuing your matter, you have every right to discharge your counsel. You may terminate your attorney at any time if you are not satisfied with the services that are providing you.

If you would like to discuss your pending matter with the personal injury attorneys at Allegiance Law, please telephone us today.

Be aware of the attorney who makes false promises. There is generally no adequate way an attorney may predict the outcome of any single personal injury case, especially when the personal injury case is in its infancy. An attorney who assigns a dollar amount to a case without having sufficient information is not telling you the truth and is simply making an uneducated guess.

Ask your attorney about their courtroom experience. There are personal injury attorneys who are not trial attorneys. Some attorneys who practice personal injury never had a trial. Ask your attorney about their trial experience. For personal injury attorneys, trial experience matters. Many insurance companies are aware of an attorney has been to trial or not. The importance of having a trial lawyer can make all the difference to your case.

Meet with the attorneys. Most personal injury attorneys offer a free consultation. As a potential client, you should take advantage of the consultation. It does not cost you anything but your time. During this meeting, you can ask as many questions of your attorney as you like. Here you can learn if she or he has trial experience.

Also, many reputable attorneys will be able to provide you with references from prior clients. Many of our clients have told us that they would be happy to speak with any prospective clients. Contact Allegiance Law today to speak to one of our personal injury attorneys and to obtain references regarding our services for personal injury matters.