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When Jason answered the phone I was immediately relieved to hear a real human on the other end, and that he was available to talk with me right then. He took at least 30 minutes, probably more, to talk with me about an auto accident I just had. He listened to all the details and we went over all my options. Along with options, he gave me all the ups and downs of using a lawyer versus taking it on myself — and the most amazing part was he was in no way biased towards one over the other. I felt Jason truly wanted me to make the best decision and he gave me some very sound advice. I am passing the word along to others if they need a great lawyer to check out Jason Lundberg.”

Raychel F.

“Nothing but a raving happy review here! — Jason’s attentive, thorough, polite & professional, yet won’t talk down to you, or make you feel stupid for not knowing legal jargon as I’ve experienced with other attorneys. Not only will he get the job done – he’ll keep you current on the case’s ongoings, and make sure you get the best results possible. He’s trustworthy, compassionate, friendly, and will always have your back. If you’re looking for an attorney who’ll really and truly be on *your* side – look no further; Jason Lundberg’s the guy to go with!”

Anjali V.

“Jason represented me when I was hit by a car on my bicycle. I found him to be extremely knowledgeable about the law and pleasant and thorough to deal with during the whole process. When the person that hit me tried to use a loophole in the traffic code to deny my claim, Jason stood firm. His command of the litigation process and dogged persistence helped me get a fair settlement that made the whole trying incident easier to endure. I would highly recommend him as I know that he would be a strong advocate for anyone that needs good representation.”

Eric S.

“Jason Lundberg is a true professional and has become a valued friend. He NEVER failed to follow through by calling me back when he said he would or answering an email. In every aspect of our attorney/client relationship he shined. I highly recommend, Jason Lundberg as a lawyer.”

Michael A.

“I was hit by a car in Oakland while visiting from Texas, which further complicated things. I was careful in choosing lawyers who were responsive, experienced, and well-spoken. I wanted to talk with the lawyers themselves and not their administrative assistants

Igor Kopilenko exceeded my expectations in all aspects. Not only was he professional and knowledgeable, but he also added some sorely-needed humor to our conversations. All of our interactions were to-the-point, and he always followed up with all necessary action items. He made it very easy for me- his office took care of most of the administrative hassle in the wake of my accident. I always felt very well-advised on what the next steps would be.

Even though I was not physically in San Francisco, Allegiance Law took care of everything and worked with me to get the settlement I needed to pay off my medical bills. Igor went above and beyond, and I really felt like I could trust his team. While we didn’t end up going to litigation, I would have trusted him to be tough and represent me well.

Thanks, Igor, for being the antithesis of all the lawyer jokes I heard while growing up. I highly recommend him if you’re feeling at a loss about what to do after an accident. It can be difficult to wade through all of the different law firms offering their services, but I guarantee you that you need not look further.”

Rose K.

“After a life threatening injury accident, I very nearly tried to settle with the driver’s insurance company on my own. What a mistake that would’ve been, but the lawyers I’d interviewed were more like car salesmen than legal advocates. Soon after I started making a tragic series of uninformed decisions, I had the good fortune to meet Jason. I must have seemed overly cautious, but he stuck with me, taking time to explain everything. His larger than life personality is more than perfectly genuine, it’s perfectly suited to his profession.

At every turn, Jason clearly knew his stuff, from legal nooks and crannies to the maelstrom of hospital/doctor/fire dept billing depts, and insurance adjusters (one after another). Jason is a master communicator, forthright, practical, and shrewd.

To find a trusted lawyer is even more important than finding a trusted mechanic. The trauma, stress and uncertainty I’d been dealing with steadily faded and I was able to get back to my life! Even as we continued to wait on the other side, Jason would phone me with status updates and include me in his thought process.

Jason works incredibly hard. Even after we’d arrived at a settlement, meaning his fee was a known quantity, Jason continued to work on my behalf, pursuing billing inconsistencies that, once resolved, resulted in even more of the settlement coming to me. I have ample cause to give him five stars across the board. I can’t recommend him enough.”

James D.

“I really want to thank Igor and Jason for their help. It was just such a horrible experience with all these issues I didn’t know would arise, and with no idea how to navigate the process, they were there to help me throughout my ordeal. From the initial phone consultation, Igor took the time to review the case and the process with me and spent more time than I would have ever expected and he showed that same care and concern throughout. Even when I felt so helpless, and that no one would spend the time to help me, they never abandoned me, and so naturally, I broke down and cried in appreciation.

Thank you allegiance law for everything you helped me with, and making that horrible experience go away!”

Thuy M.

“Jason and Tina are amazing. They took a lot of unpaid time to consult with me and evaluate my case, which other attorneys had rejected for its size. We had a phone meeting and two in person meetings (all unbilled) in which he gave me invaluable perspective and advice before requiring me to sign a contract. He really helped me build reasonable expectations on possible outcomes and timelines.

I felt really comfortable with them both from the get go. I had a relatively small personal injury case that I had begun as a proper lawsuit. Bad idea… I wish I had known to go to these guys right away… it would have saved me 2 years of stress! Jason and Tina saved me. They worked out a very fair deal with me, kept me in the loop and recovered 3 times my expenses. I was happy with the settlement and they did better than anticipated in negotiating my medical liens leaving me with an extra $1000 that I didn’t expect to see.

I wish I had gone to them sooner!”

Bobby D.

“This is my highest recommendation for the courteous and professional service I received from Jason Lundberg on my recent personal injury case concerning a slip and fall that occurred in Oakland, CA. Jason Lundberg is a personal injury attorney in San Francisco, CA. I had initially hired another law firm to handle my case and after several years of no real action and what now appears to have been a series of professional blunders by the original law firm, my case file was essentially handed over to Jason Lundberg. This was probably the best thing to happen for me and my case as he immediately took the bull by the horns. I had a settlement check in my hands within 6 months of my meeting him. Job well done Jason! He attended doctor’s appointments and all meetings himself. He was always keeping my best interest in mind and always kept my busy schedule as the top consideration for important dates. If you need further recommendations from me to leave your email address with Jason and I will answer any reasonable questions to the best of my ability.”