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If you’ve spent much time walking around the many beautiful neighborhoods in Burlingame, then you’ve certainly seen people out walking their dogs. Maybe you even frequent the Burlingame dog exercise park with your furry friend. Owning a dog can be a relaxing and rewarding experience. When you interact with other pets, usually it is a fun time.

Unfortunately, sometimes accidents happen and a dog bites someone. If that has happened to you or a loved one, you may need a dog bite attorney in Burlingame. At Allegiance Law, we understand the dynamics of dog bite cases and will help you through the process.

Responsible Owners

Most dog owners are responsible and follow all laws with regard to their pets. They clean up after their dogs and keep them on a leash where required by law. But what happens when a dog owner doesn’t keep their pet leashed? That can lead to their dog roaming freely. This is how many dog bites occur – an unleashed dog comes over to you while you are walking your own dog and gets aggressive. If the two dogs fight and you try to break it up, you could get bitten in the process.

While the dog didn’t intend to bite you, the actions of its owner allowed it the opportunity to do so. This lapse in judgement by someone else could lead to severe injuries.

Dog bites are more common than you think. Each year, there are around 4.5 million dog bites in this country. Out of those, almost a million become infected, further complicating the problem. Children and the elderly are at greater risk of serious injury from a dog bite because of their inability to get away from the situation or restrain the dog.

Some dogs are aggressive and their owner knows it. If that owner still chooses to allow their dog to mingle with people, or they fail to secure the dog properly and it escapes, the owner could be held liable for injuries that occur if the dog attacks anyone.

What To Do If It Happens

Being bitten by a dog can be scary. It is even scarier if your child is attacked. There are numerous cases across the country each year in which a dog attack is so bad that people require extensive surgery for their injuries. All dogs have the potential to bite. While most don’t, if it does happen you need to know your options. Not only can injuries be physical, but emotional as well.

After any severe dog bite, contact the appropriate authorities so it is reported. After that, you may need a Burlingame dog bite attorney. If someone else’s negligence has caused you or a loved one harm, there is no reason you should be stuck with expensive medical bills. In fact, you may be entitled to compensation beyond medical bills. Here at Allegiance Law, we know how to handle these situations and will help you through them. You can contact us by clicking here or calling 415-404-6395.