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Our vehicles.

Our food.

The toys we give our kids.

Going about our daily lives, we depend on the products we buy to help us. Some of the things we need to live, like food and shelter. Other things we buy and use because they make us feel good, like our exercise equipment and our kids’ toys.

When we make a purchase, the last thing we think about is a product hurting us. Unfortunately, sometimes it happens. A manufacturing flaw or a poorly designed item makes it to market. If you’ve been hurt by something you purchased, you may need a Burlingame product liability attorney. At Allegiance Law, we want to help.

Unexpected Accidents

Do you remember those hoverboards that were popular with kids (and some adults) a few years back? If you do, then you may also remember that some of them had a tendency to burst into flames when charging. They caused some serious damage and the government had to warn people about using certain models. Somewhere along the line, those hoverboards experienced a serious design flaw.

That is just one example of a product liability case, a situation in which a company could be held liable for damages or injuries that occur because of a product they produce.

Our Daily Lives

Our lives are filled with so many products that it can be hard to keep track. We usually just assume everything we use is safe, especially in this country where there are strict regulations put on products that come to the market. Unfortunately, many items that are on the shelves and subsequently make it into our homes are potential hazards.

Sometimes it is a problem with airbags in our vehicles. Other times it is a medicine that we take that has faulty dosage instructions.

Worse, sometimes a product we use for our children, like a crib or car seat, has a design flaw that renders them unsafe.

If you are injured by one of the products you use every day, you may wonder if you did something wrong to cause the accident. While that may be the case, it may also be that there was a problem with the product. You have the right to know. If the negligence of a manufacturer caused harm to you or a loved one, they should be held liable.

If It Happens To You

If you’ve been injured or gotten ill from a product you’ve used, seek treatment, and keep all records. If possible, take photos of the defective item. You may need a product liability attorney in Burlingame so that you know and understand all of your options.

Bringing a lawsuit against a large company can be a daunting task. You may feel that you have no chance but at Allegiance Law, we believe in justice for you and your family. We are ready to help you with your case. We don’t think you should do this alone or take the blame for something that was out of your control. You can contact us by clicking here or calling 415-404-6395.