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We use and consume so many different things in our daily lives. Many of them are necessary, such as out food and medicine, as well as our vehicles. Others are things we use and consume for enjoyment, from toys to ice cream. When we go about our normal routine, the last thing we expect is for something we own to harm us. Unfortunately, sometimes that happens.

Sometimes, the items we buy are defective and injure us or our families. In fact, defective products injure thousands of people each year. You may need a product liability attorney in Daly City if a product you buy hurts you or causes you to become ill. At Allegiance Law, we will work with you to figure out what happened.

But Not To Me

Turn on the news any given week and you are sure to see a case of a product that harms someone. It’s unfortunate, because many times when a product causes an injury, a default was caused by a manufacturing error.

You always see these things happen to other people, not to you and your family.

Maybe its a string of vehicle fires in the same model and year. The manufacturer may have known about it but didn’t issue a recall until after people were injured or even killed. Perhaps you see on the news that people are becoming ill after taking a supplement because a company didn’t label their product with the appropriate warnings. Worse, maybe a company knew that their product could cause harmful long-term health effects but hid the results so they could make a profit.

Who Is Liable?

It can become difficult to figure out who is liable for an injury involving a defective product. If it happens to you, you can expect the company to try to claim you caused your own injury by using the product improperly. Why would they do this? So they don’t have to pay a settlement.

Often, products are made using parts or ingredients that come from many third-party retailers to make the final product. In this case, it can be difficult to point the finger at any one party. The fault could even lay with any delivery company that had a part in shipping the product during or after the manufacturing process.

In short, a product liability case can get confusing. Seeking legal advice should be your first step so you can be armed with the appropriate information. Sometimes, you won’t be the only one harmed by the same product. There may already be a class action lawsuit case in the works.

If It Happens To You

If you’ve been injured or gotten ill and you believe it was caused by a product you’ve used, make sure you seek medical attention and keep all of your medical records. You may need a product liability attorney in Daly City so that you know and understand all of your options. It can be intimidating to go against larger companies, but here at Allegiance Law, we are ready to help you. You can contact us by clicking here or calling 415-404-6395.