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If you’re out on the town and your friend has already left, and they were your ride, you don’t have to get mad or panic. Now you can just pull up your phone, open the Lyft app, and your ride will be there shortly. The world of modern technology has seeped into transportation over the last ten years with the rise of ridesharing services like Lyft. Whether we just need a quick ride to the store and back or a ride to the airport, the convenience of an on-demand ride is hard to beat.

Unfortunately, sometimes accidents happen when it comes to Lyft rides. If it happens, you may need a San Mateo Lyft accident attorney. At Allegiance Law, we will help you determine what your options are if you get into a ridesharing service accident.

From A Novelty To Mainstream

People in the San Mateo and Bay Areas are no strangers to ridesharing services, so it was no surprise when a new one showed up not too long ago. Everyone remembers those big pink mustaches that adorned the front of Lyft vehicles in the early years.

Of course, that has now transformed into Lyft stickers and that company has become a ridesharing giant. With over 350,000 Lyft drivers in the United States, it seems that ridesharing is here to stay.


Are ridesharing services regulated?

Not in the same way that a traditional taxi service is. Each Lyft driver is an independent contractor and uses their own vehicle that doesn’t have to go through the same inspection process as taxis. States and municipalities have little to no control over Lyft drivers or their vehicles.

When you use Lyft, the last thing you expect is to get behind the wheel with an unsafe driver. While most Lyft rides are uneventful, getting you to your destination unharmed, sometimes accidents happen.

What do you do if your Lyft driver crashes because they were distracted or impaired? Can you even get your expenses covered by Lyft if all their drivers are independent contractors?

What if you are in another vehicle that is hit by a Lyft driver? Will your insurance cover all of your expenses?

We know you will have many questions in the aftermath of an accident. We want to help you answer them.

What To Do

Getting into a Lyft accident can be unexpected, scary, and frustrating. At Allegiance Law, our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys will work with you to ensure that someone else’s negligence doesn’t cause you headaches when it comes to medical bills or lost income. We want you to be fairly compensated. If you need a Lyft accident attorney in San Mateo, you can contact us by clicking here or calling 415-404-6395. Before you speak with insurance companies or Lyft themselves, be sure you understand all of your rights.