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Understanding Bicycle Accidents in San Francisco: A Guide by Your Personal Injury Lawyer

March 15, 2024

The Prevalence and Causes of Bicycle Accidents Bicycle accidents in San Francisco are a significant concern due to the city’s vibrant streets and the increasing popularity of cycling as a mode of transportation. The unique topography and urban layout contribute to the challenges cyclists face, including congested roads, frequent intersections, and shared spaces with motor […]


Understanding San Francisco’s Unique Traffic Laws and Your Personal Injury Rights

January 17, 2024

San Francisco’s bustling streets are governed by a unique set of traffic laws, designed to accommodate its dense urban environment and diverse modes of transportation. From the steep hills to the busy crosswalks, understanding these laws is crucial for navigating the city safely and for knowing your rights in the event of a personal injury. […]


San Francisco Is the Most Bike-Friendly City but Still Has Cyclist Hot Spots

November 17, 2021

Despite San Francisco’s many twists and turns and traffic-laden streets, it is still considered one of America’s most bike-friendly cities. The city has embraced cycling and consistently ranks high in both road safety and neighborhood accessibility. But no matter how far the city goes to ensure safety, bicycle accidents resulting in injuries and fatalities will […]


Cyclists Deaths Are At An All-Time High In California

February 17, 2021

People are becoming more aware of a motor vehicle’s impact on the environment and are turning to bikes. The nation’s infrastructure, for the most part, hasn’t been designed to handle cyclists. Every year, hundreds of bikers die or are injured from preventable accidents while biking around their city. Many cities rely on drivers to be […]


Bicycling In The Time Of Covid

January 14, 2021

In the time of Covid, people have started to covet bizarre things like toilet paper and bicycles. Because people are being forced to stay inside and avoid places where people gather, like restaurants or gyms, people turn to ride bikes to give them a sense of freedom.  Even though fewer cars are on the road, […]


San Francisco Introduces ‘Slow Streets,’ But Will They Be Permanent?

May 14, 2020

A few weeks ago, San Francisco followed in Oakland’s footsteps and launched a Slow Streets Program designed to give residents of the area extra space to physically distance themselves from others if they want to go outside their homes. As the COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the way of life for those in the city […]


San Francisco Bike Fatality

April 12, 2019

San Francisco is a city full of health-conscious people who are concerned with the environment and keeping the city safe. Our San Francisco Bicycle Accident Attorneys at Allegiance Law specializes in bicycle accidents for a reason. These kinds of accidents happen too frequently. If we are a city that is going to appreciate various forms […]


Bicyclist’s Death Changes Traffic

March 16, 2019

Riding a bicycle in the streets of San Francisco is a given. California is known for its bike-friendly cities, but that doesn’t mean it is without its faults. California may rank one of the top states in the United States for bike-friendly areas, but that doesn’t diminish the number of bicycle injuries and fatalities that […]


Protected Bike Lanes Coming To Valencia

December 21, 2018

Valencia Street, a place that has been notoriously dangerous for cyclists in San Francisco, will be getting a protected bike lane. Last week, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) board unanimously approved the program that will bring cyclists this added protection. While the lane will not cover the main thoroughfare, it will help safety […]


Bicyclist Sues Caltrans and San Mateo County After Crash

November 10, 2018

Old La Honda Road in Woodside is not the best road when it comes to safety. As described in this article, “It’s narrow, it’s steep, it’s one curve after another, and as the primary route to and from home for at least 75 households, it is not a road less traveled.” One man is suing […]