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Riding a bicycle in the streets of San Francisco is a given. California is known for its bike-friendly cities, but that doesn’t mean it is without its faults. California may rank one of the top states in the United States for bike-friendly areas, but that doesn’t diminish the number of bicycle injuries and fatalities that happen every year. For every bicyclist who dies due to a negligent driver, more awareness and safety precautions should be made on that street. At least, this is the protest many are having after the death of a Stanford graduate exposed to the truth of many cyclists.

The Tragic Tale

It was just a few days ago that 30-year-old Tess Rothstein chose to ride her bicycle down 6th street near the Howard intersection. This part of the road is not protected or separated from traffic lanes. It is the only part of the road that is not. Cars are still allowed to park there and that was the problem.

As Rothstein was riding her bike down the proper bike lane, a car had parked and opened her door. In an interview with the news, the person in the car stated that she did not see any bicyclist coming. She did not know that her action would lead to the death of Tess Rothstein. Because the door was open, Rothstein swerved around the car door and was then hit by a truck. Rothstein died on impact. Friends and family were shocked to hear this news and stunned about the location. Apparently, this particular location was known to be particularly hazardous for bicyclists. Rothstein’s death is the fourth to happen near that intersection in three years.

The city started to make changes to that area by implementing protected bike lanes and banning cars from parking on the street. However, the city stopped one block from where the accident occurred and from where multiple accidents occurred. Many in the community have asked the city to come up with a solution within 96 hours. Until then the community has left flowers and signs of protest that something needs to change. The death of a bicyclist should not be the impetus for the city to do its job.

Rothstein had a shiny future. She had just graduated from Stanford and was working for Airbnb and Medium. She would have had a brighter future had the city done their research and protected their people.

What To Do

Bicycle accidents can turn into serious injuries. From broken limbs to losing a life. Bicycling is an at-risk activity, but it does mean that you should be absolved from any justice because you chose a different form of transportation. Our Bicycle Accident Attorneys are ready to work with you. We are ready to bring you justice and compensation for your injuries. Call 415-404-6395 to start a conversation with professional attorneys at Allegiance Law in San Francisco today. It is important to hold people accountable for their actions. We are ready to do the work while you recover.

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