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Key Tips for Avoiding Sports Injuries

June 17, 2022

Playing a sport can be very good for one’s health. Competing in a game or match is naturally a physically demanding activity that can burn calories, build endurance, and generally support one’s overall fitness. Additionally, those who participate in sports are often more likely than others to prioritize working out. If they play for a […]


New Concussion Study Claims TBI Should Be Treated Like A Disease

August 19, 2021

A new study conducted by the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) examined a large array of CT scans of concussion and mild traumatic brain injury patients around the United States. The results showed a definitive link between mild head injuries and long-term problems associated with more moderate or severe head trauma. Concussions are a […]


Cheerleading Is One Dangerous Sport

May 3, 2019

Think of a sport, any sport. Did you think of football? Basketball? Baseball? Soccer? Maybe Golf snuck into your head? You are right. All of these are sports, but what about cheerleading? Traditional sports like those mentioned have the resources and organizations to help students who have been injured, but what about cheerleading? Our sports […]


Basketball 1st in Most High School Sports Injuries

April 5, 2019

Sports is a great way to teach children how to work well with others, time management skills, sportsmanship, and a great to burn off energy. Spring and fall are full of moms and dads running around Saturdays and Sundays to take their kids from one event to the next. When you’re a kid, sports are […]


$7.1 Million Awarded To HS Football Player

March 29, 2019

There are some dreams that are stock dreams. For example, the dream of going from high school to college to a decent paying job is a stock dream. It used to be a guarantee, but not anymore. Another stock dream is playing sports in high school, get a full athletic scholarship then play pro. Just […]


Can You File A Law Suit For Sports Injury?

December 15, 2018

In short, yes. Personal injury law focuses on injuries that occur due to some kind of negligence of a person or party. This kind of law is like an umbrella term in which attorneys can specialize in specific categories. At Allegiance Law our Attorneys have several specific interests including car accidents, bus accidents, fatal car […]


Study Shows A Link Between An Increased Risk Of Sports Injury And Physical And Sexual Abuse

September 21, 2018

A new study has found a correlation between emotional scars from past sexual and physical abuse and an increased risk of sports injury. Turns out, those who have been victims of sexual or physical abuse in the past are exposed to a higher risk of sustaining a sports-related injury. This does not mean, however, that […]


Injured At A Sports Venue During A Game: How To Recover Compensation?

July 27, 2018

Regardless of the sports, being injured in the middle of a game of your favorite California team is painful not only because it hurts physically, but also because, if your injury is bad enough, you will have to miss the game to go to the hospital. And while as sports fans ourselves, we totally get […]