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A new study has found a correlation between emotional scars from past sexual and physical abuse and an increased risk of sports injury. Turns out, those who have been victims of sexual or physical abuse in the past are exposed to a higher risk of sustaining a sports-related injury.

This does not mean, however, that athletes are solely responsible for all sports-related injuries. “There are other parties that may be held liable for your sports injuries whether you are an amateur or professional athlete,” says our San Francisco sports injury attorney from the Allegiance Law.

Study shows a link between emotional trauma and risk of sports injury

A recent study by the Athletics Research Center at Linköping University in Sweden has shown a link between past emotional trauma and an increased risk of injury. This is especially true for female athletes, according to the study which is the first of its kind to look into the correlation between lifetime abuse experiences and risk of injury in athletes.

The study mostly focused on elite athletes from Sweden, but the same correlation may be true for those who engage in sports activities every once in a while. It is not the first time that researchers have proven that past traumatic events influence athletic performance to some extent. In fact, common sense has long told us that sexual and physical abuse may be responsible for certain types of sports injuries, but the new study is one of its kind to look into the actual link between the two.

Athletes are not solely responsible for their sports injuries

According to the study, past traumatic events such as physical or sexual abuse in the life of an athlete increase the risk of overuse injuries and other sports-related injuries. Although one may think that the athlete is solely responsible for overuse injuries, it is not entirely true.

While it is true that athletes assume the risk of injury when playing sports or engaging in sports-related activities, that does not necessarily mean that other parties cannot be held liable for sports injuries. Our experienced sports injury attorney in San Francisco has handled numerous cases in which trainers, coaches and sports facilities were held responsible for improper or inadequate training and supervision; other players were held liable for engaging in “unreasonable” behavior; and manufacturers of sports equipment were held accountable for producing and selling dangerous or defective products.

Female athletes are more likely to suffer sports injuries

But let’s shift our attention back to the study. According to the study, the risk of sports injury is 12 times higher in female athletes who have experienced physical abuse at some point in their life. Those who have been victims of sexual abuse, on the other hand, have an eight times higher risk of non-sports injury.

The study also noted that the link between emotional scars and an increased risk of injury was most evident in female athletes. However, that does not change the fact that both women and men who have been through a traumatic event in their life are more likely to take risks that can eventually lead to overuse injury.

Get professional help today, do not hesitate

It goes without saying that people who have experienced physical or sexual abuse in the past may decrease their risk of sports injury by dealing with emotional scars that influence their sports performance or behavior to one degree or another.

If your child or loved one has been a victim of sexual or physical abuse and is aspiring to become a professional athletes or engages in sports activities for fun, consider getting professional help from a psychologist. The last thing you would want is your loved one getting injured because there was no one around to help them deal with emotional scars.

Something as harmless as playing sports can leave you disabled or unable to earn a living for the rest of your life. Take sports injuries seriously. You may not have to foot the bill on your own. Let our San Francisco sports injury attorney investigate your case and determine whether you are entitled to seek compensation for your medical expenses, loss of income, loss of earning capacity, pain and suffering, and many more.

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