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Pedestrians must exercise caution when navigating busy California cities such as San Francisco, San Mateo, Daly City, and numerous others. The chances of being harmed in a pedestrian accident tend to be much greater in busy urban areas than they are in parts of the state where traffic isn’t as dense.

The following tips will help you stay safe when walking around California’s cities. Keep them in mind to keep yourself injury-free.

Follow the Rules of the Road

This may be a basic tip, but it’s an important one. Pedestrians must remember that the rules of the road apply to them the same as they do to motorists. While the specific rules pedestrians must adhere to may sometimes differ from those which pertain to motorists, in general, pedestrians need to be familiar with the various regulations and laws regarding when they can cross the street, when they need to stay on the sidewalk, etc.

Make Eye Contact With Oncoming Motorists

You’re at a crosswalk and you have the right of way. Despite the fact that motorists are heading in your direction, you believe it’s safe to begin crossing.

This assumption can result in an accident that may leave you with significant injuries. Technically, you might have the legal right to cross the street, but for your own safety, you should not accept on faith that a driver will stop for you accordingly. It’s possible a distracted driver might have not even noticed you.

Ensure a driver notices you by checking for eye contact before crossing. If they look at you while you’re looking at them, it’s a strong indication they are aware of your presence and will yield the right of way. That said, even if a driver makes eye contact, if they are speeding or otherwise driving in a manner that suggests they may not let you cross safely, you should wait for them to stop fully before beginning to cross.

Walk Facing Traffic When You Have To

You likely already understand that using the sidewalk when one is available is a simple way to minimize your chances of being harmed in a pedestrian accident. In many cases, local laws actually require pedestrians to use the sidewalk when one is present.

In major California cities like San Francisco, Daly City, San Mateo, and various others, pedestrians usually have access to sidewalks, but there will likely be occasions when you find yourself walking in an area without one. In these circumstances, along with keeping yourself as far away from traffic as possible, it’s typically best to walk facing traffic. This ensures you can see motorists approaching you. If approaching motorists were behind you, your ability to see if a motorist is driving too close would be limited.

Unfortunately, while you may be a responsible pedestrian, it’s still possible to one day be involved in a pedestrian accident because a motorist is negligent. Contact a California pedestrian accident attorney at Allegiance Law if this ever happens. We can help you pursue the compensation you may deserve. Call us at 415-404-6395 or contact us online to learn more about your options.

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