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When we wake up for the day and head out the door ready to begin our daily commute, we never expect to find ourselves involved in an automobile collision. However, the sad fact is that despite whatever precautions we may take as safe and courteous drivers, we could still be involved in a motor vehicle accident any time we get behind the wheel. A San Francisco car accident attorney can help you with your legal case if you have been hurt in a collision in the Bay Area, but anyone involved in a car crash should take the following steps after the accident.

#1 – Seek medical attention immediately

doctorIt is important to have any injuries you sustained in the wreck treated by competent medical professionals following a car accident. Even if you don’t feel like your injuries are serious enough to warrant medical care, getting an evaluation is crucial. Many injuries, such as soft-tissue damage (as with whiplash), can take time to become painful—but the damage is done at the time of the crash. Do not put off seeking medical care simply because you feel fine at the moment, because the way you feel could change in the blink of an eye.

#2 – Gather documentation

Gather documentationDocument your injuries and everything related to them. Take photos of injured body parts, keep copies of medical bills, physical and occupational therapy or rehab facility invoices, and make copies of pay stubs in case your recovery time has led you to experience lost wages. The more documentation you gather, the more solid your potential future legal case can be. By documenting your injuries, you can help the court to better understand the dollar amount of damages that you may be entitled to as a victim.

#3 – Contact an attorney

Contact an attorneyWhen you have been hurt in a car crash and want to pursue legal action in the courtroom, you will need a knowledgeable attorney by your side. The personal injury specialists at Allegiance Law can evaluate your case free of charge, and can inform you of your options as an accident victim under the law. Some people opt out of taking legal action when they are injured because they are concerned about adding attorneys’ fees to their ever-growing pile of accident-related bills. However, it costs nothing to consult with a lawyer at Allegiance Law, and we can help you determine whether suing for damages in civil court is the right course of action for you—free of charge

Allegiance Law can help you in court

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle collision, talk to a San Francisco car accident attorney at Allegiance Law to learn more about your rights as an accident victim. You deserve justice in the court of law, and you may be entitled to receive financial compensation for lost wages and pain and suffering. Our attorneys will fight to get the maximum award possible for your case, and we offer free consultations so you have nothing to lose by contacting us today.

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