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The one place we should feel the safest in our house and our neighborhood. Exiting the high way and make way through the small streets of neighborhoods should signal to our body that we are close to home. It makes sense. Our bodies know the roads like the back of our hands. We are comfortable and familiar with the surroundings. Yet, our Daly City car crash attorneys at Allegiance Law want you to know that no matter how close you are to your home you should always stay alert and ready for anything to happen. We have seen the reports and pictures of our client’s lives changed within an instant. These car accidents happen both near and far from our final home destination. Yet, it is the accidents that happen closest to home that make us feel the most vulnerable.

Driving On Auto-pilot

When people think about the most commonplace for an accident they may think of major highways or busy intersections. They may think long stretches of unknown roadways. You wouldn’t be wrong for thinking this way, but the reality is that most accidents happen within a 25-mile radius of our homes. The reason for these close encounters is because we drive around our homes to get things we need like groceries or entertainment. Another reason is that we get comfortable.

Because our bodies are so familiar with the roads and directions, some of us experience a phenomenon where our brains go into auto-pilot. Have you ever reached your driveway and not remembered how you got there? Have you ever reached your driveway and thought wow that was quick? It’s because your brain processes the information without you having to do the actual work. This is cool because it means you aren’t overloading your brain with information all the time, however, it is dangerous because instead of being present at the wheel you are lost in your thoughts. This is a kind of distracted driving and can cause some real injury if you hit someone.

Family Fatality

It is unknown where it was speeding, distracted driving, or both that caused a car to T-bone a family car with four passengers. The at-fault driver suffered minor injuries. The family car suffered so much more. Out of the four passengers, three were related and died on the scene—a mother and two sons. The fourth passenger was the girlfriend of the eldest son and was taken to the hospital with major injuries. The family was near the home when they were struck. The road they were on was known for people to break the speed limit.

What To Do

Whether near or far from home, a car accident can cause serious injury which can result in temporary or permanent disability. Don’t let at fault drivers get away without paying their dues. Insurance companies can pay more if you have the right legal counsel on your side. Call 415-404-6395 or click here to start a conversation with our professional attorneys at Allegiance Law in Daly City today. We are here to fight for you.

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