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In a world full of bad news, it is hard to believe that people are all that bad. The truth is, they are. Of course, there are people in this world who do good. There are people who pay-it-forward and help their neighbors. However, there are some people who should spend the rest of their lives trying to make up for all the bad they have committed. People who participate in hit and runs are those kinds of people.

Hit and runs are when someone in their vehicle hits another vehicle or person and then leaves the scene. If you leave the scene on foot but leave your car it is still considered a hit and runs. If you leave the scene all together then that is a hit and run. People who leave the scene of an accident typically have something to hide. For example, they may not have insurance, they may have warrants for their arrests, or they may have drugs and alcohol on them. Regardless of why someone chooses to run, whether it be out of fear getting in trouble or not, it is a very cowardice move that leaves those who hurt without any reconciliation.

Hit and Run Over A Pedestrian

In San Francisco is not uncommon to see people walking everywhere. People choose to walk for many different reasons. Some reasons are due to financial trouble in getting a vehicle or they may be trying to work on their health. Regardless of why someone is walking there is one understanding—the pedestrian deserves to walk safely. California, unfortunately, is one of the top states for pedestrian accidents. They take the lead at about or under 700 pedestrian deaths a year. California is known for many things, but having the highest pedestrian death is not something to be proud of.

The fall of 2018 a pedestrian was hit on the side of the road and was killed on the scene. Witnesses were able to identify a car style, but none could give an exact description of the car other than it was a white sedan. This detail is important, but it is not as specific as needed to arrest someone quickly. The accident happened at 9:20 pm on Saturday. Statistically, pedestrians are hit the most from 6-9 pm and on weekends. This tragic story is one of many and the hit and runs will continue.

What To Do

If you or someone you love has been injured by a vehicle while walking then you have the right to file suit against the person in who hit you. Insurance companies will cover pedestrian accidents and you deserve to be compensated for the injuries you sustained. Call 415-404-6395 or click here to reach out our pedestrian accident attorney in San Francisco at Allegiance Law. We specialize in Pedestrian Accidents, so we know how to provide the right kind of legal counsel for you and your unique case. Don’t hesitate. We are ready to work for you.

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