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Going through life as a pedestrian can help you save money on gas, car insurance, car repairs and many other expenses. Living in a big city like San Francisco allows you to walk almost anywhere. No matter the time of day you can get somewhere on foot. Many pedestrians don’t focus on what’s going on around them when out for a walk, which can lead to a serious accident. Our San Francisco pedestrian accident attorney would like to discuss the following ways you can make yourself visible as a pedestrian.

Wear Bright Colors

If you are out for a walk at night to get some exercise or are walking to and from work, you need to wear bright colors. There’s plenty you can do to ensure your own safety when walking around as a pedestrian. Having bright colors can help drivers see you before it’s too late. The colors make it easier to spot you when under a streetlight or when lit up by a vehicle’s headlights.

Cross at Intersections

Do your best to cross at intersections and only intersections. Intersections are usually well-lit, have painted crosswalks, and are controlled by traffic lights with walk symbols. You don’t want to cross at darker corners or in the middle of a block. When walking at night it’s best to cross any street you can that has plenty of lighting. It will help drivers see you from a distance so they can begin to slow their vehicle.

Avoid Distractions

Whenever you are out for a walk you need to avoid distractions. You shouldn’t walk while talking on your phone or texting. You also shouldn’t walk with headphones in your ears. This will prevent you from hearing horns or sirens of emergency vehicles. When you avoid distractions while walking you won’t forget to think about safety as you cross streets or try to navigate your route to and from work or school.

Use a Flashlight

There’s one way to stay safe when walking around the city that doesn’t cost much at all and that is to use a flashlight. Now, you shouldn’t use it by shining it in cars. When walking, especially at night, you should activate it and shine it on the ground in front of you. Not only will it help illuminate where you are walking, it will also catch the eye of drivers. They will see it on the ground and know that someone is in the street. Using a flashlight will also help you spot any potholes in the street, broken concrete, tree roots or other potential hazards that are on your route in the city. Again, do not shine the light above your waist or directly at cars as this could lead to a serious accident.

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