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San Francisco has a “Vision Zero” initiative in place. The city is working diligently to make its streets safer than ever before. In doing so, San Francisco officials are hoping car accidents will decline across the city. As a result, this could lead to fewer car accident injuries and fatalities.

The Vision Zero policy is a work in progress. For those who are involved in a San Francisco car accident, seek out legal help from Allegiance Law. Our San Francisco car accident attorneys can review an individual’s legal claim. We can determine if a claim is valid and if now is the right time to move forward with a car accident lawsuit.

What to Do After a Car Accident in San Francisco

Following a San Francisco car accident, call 911. Provide the 911 operator with information about the accident, where it occurred, and other relevant details. This ensures emergency responders can arrive on scene and provide medical help to those in need.

After a 911 call, a police officer will arrive at the accident. The officer will gather information from those involved and provide a report. Keep this police report, as it may serve as evidence in a car accident case.

In addition, collect evidence at the accident scene. An individual can use their smartphone to capture photos of any injuries or vehicle or property damage.

Get information from anyone involved in the accident, too. It is beneficial to request information from the other driver. Ask to see their license to ensure the information he or she provides is accurate.

What to Do If an At-Fault Party Insurance Company Contacts You After a Car Accident

There can be times when an at-fault party’s insurance company reaches out after a car accident. The company does so in the hopes of reaching a quick settlement agreement with an accident victim.

If a car insurance company reaches out, do not accept a settlement offer. At this point, it is beneficial to seek out a car accident attorney.

What You Get with a San Francisco Car Accident Attorney

A San Francisco car accident lawyer works on behalf of their client. The attorney finds out how an auto accident happened and its impact on the victim. Next, the attorney makes a plan to argue the victim’s case.

Furthermore, a San Francisco auto accident attorney can help a client file their lawsuit. The lawyer represents their client for the duration of the case. And the attorney does everything in their power to help their client secure the maximum amount of damages.

Partner with Allegiance Law’s San Francisco Auto Accident Lawyers

No one should suffer financial losses due to a San Francisco car accident caused by someone else. Thankfully, Allegiance Law offers legal help to help car accident victims get compensation from at-fault parties.

Our San Francisco auto accident attorneys are available to help individuals who experience personal injuries. We understand the challenges of auto accident cases and ensure clients can navigate these challenges and recover financial damages. To find out more or request a free consultation, please contact us online or call us at 415-404-6395.

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