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The general population sees riding a motorcycle as dangerous and injuries as inevitable. However, motorcycle accidents can be caused by a negligent motor vehicle driver and not by the motorcyclist. It is everyone’s responsibility to be cautious of their surroundings while sharing the road. There so many modes of transport including walking, biking, cars, buses, trucks and yes even motorcycles. Sadly, when a motorcycle is involved in an accident with another vehicle they are often left with devastating injuries. Having an inexperienced San Francisco motorcycle accident attorney by your side can mean the difference between being compensated for your injuries and being left to pay for everything out of pocket.

Another weekend, another accident

This past weekend, we lost another motorcyclist during a collision with a BMW. Although the cause of the accident is unclear and the driver of the BMW has not been arrested there are possible scenarios that could have caused the accident. The two top reasons for motorcycle accidents are speeding and alcohol impairment. We would also add distracted driving to the list. Speeding does not allow a driver appropriate reaction times when they do see a motorcycle or other vehicle on the roadway. Alcohol and other substances drastically reduce the amount of time a driver has to react. Not only that but impaired drivers can swerve and are known to get double vision. It is never safe to drive while impaired by alcohol or drugs. One last thing is the rise of distracted driving, with more and more technology available, fewer drivers are truly paying attention to the road. Whether it be talking on the phone or checking a text message, driving distracted takes your eyes off the road for far too long and can lead to an accident. Driving distracted has become such a major issue that it is ranked as dangerous as driving impaired throughout the country. The latest records show that California is ranked 3rd in the nation for the highest number of motorcycle accidents.

It seems that motorcyclists are doomed from the beginning but that should not be the case. Staying vigilant while riding and wearing all the appropriate safety gear is essential. If you are involved in a motorcycle accident in San Francisco or the surrounding areas you are less likely to suffer a serious injury when wearing safety gear. Injuries sustained during a motorcycle accident can range from scrapes and bruises to spinal cord injuries and in the worst cases; death.

How we can help

Suffering an injury from a motorcycle accident can change your life forever. You do not need to suffer alone. At Allegiance Law, our loyalty is to our clients. We will fight to get you the compensation you deserve after an accident. If you have lost a loved one because of a motorcycle accident we can also help by filing a wrongful death suit. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation with a San Francisco motorcycle crash attorney by calling us at 415-404-6395 or by filling out our online form.

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