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For 10 years our San Francisco Pedestrian Accident Attorneys at Allegiance Law has worked with victims of vehicle accidents. We have witnessed first hand the physical and emotional trauma that comes with getting hit by a vehicle. When two vehicles hit the drivers are protected by the body of the vehicles. Drivers are protected by the exterior of the vehicle as well as other safety precautions like airbags and seat belts. A pedestrian has nothing. A “pedestrians don’t have armor” is a catchphrase used in California to educate people on the severity of hitting pedestrians. California is one of the top states in the nation with the most pedestrian accidents. We may boast about our tourist areas, but if we can’t acknowledge the danger of walking then how can we expect people in our community to feel safe walking the streets?

Tuesday Night Trio

The end of winter is near when the rain begins to fall. When the rain begins, we know that spring and summer are on the way. Unfortunately, rainy weather often means more car accidents as people try to navigate slippery roads. One rainy night, the end of February, three separate accidents left two pedestrians severely injured and one death.

  • The first accident happened around 8 PM. While an elderly woman was crossing a crosswalk, a silver sedan hit her. The impact caused severe injuries. She was taken to the hospital, but her injuries were too severe to sustain. The silver sedan fled the scene and police are still looking for this hit and run.
  • The second accident happened a few hours later around 10:30 PM. A middle-aged man was also walking across the street when he was struck by a large box truck. The truck driver did not know he was hit and dragged the man under his truck for about a half a block. Thankfully the truck stopped and the middle-aged man was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.
  • The third and final accident happened just after the 10:30 PM accident. A driver of a black SUV struck a woman in her mid-60’s. She was also crossing the street and suffered a head injury. The medics on the scene suspect that she will make it, but the victim has no recollection as to what happened to her.

These three separate accidents are individual tragedies. Each person should not have been hit. Each person should be arriving at their destination safely. However, they aren’t and justice needs to be served for the negligence of those drivers. Weather is not a defense and these pedestrians were walking in lawful areas.

What To Do

Even though pedestrians are expected to execute as much caution as vehicle drivers, they do not have the armor of a car. When a person is hit walking their whole bodies are exposed. If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident while walking, call 415-404-6395 or click here to start a conversation with our professional attorneys at Allegiance Law in San Francisco today.

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