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Roadways are never a guarantee. Anyone has the potential for getting into an accident. From cars to bicycles to pedestrians, if you aren’t extra alert and careful then you could be the next to get hit. Our Daly City Pedestrian Accident Attorneys at Allegiance Law work with clients who have suffered various kinds of injuries. No one expects to get hit, especially when walking. Pedestrians are some of the most vulnerable roadway population. Those who choose to walk don’t have the same protection as the structure of a car or helmet from a bicyclist. Pedestrians who use proper crosswalks and walking space don’t typically think about whether a vehicle is going to hit them. At least, this wasn’t the case for a 13-year old girl and her grandmother.

Kylie Chen’s story

Pedestrian accidents have increased over the years. In fact, California is known as the state with the highest number of pedestrian accidents. In 2017, from January to June, around 352 pedestrian fatalities occurred. Within the first six months of 2017, the average of 2 people died or was fatally injured while walking. Kylie Chen and her grandmother were 2 of those people.

Kylie and her grandmother were walking outside the Skyline Plaza Shopping Center when they were struck by a black BMW. Kylie was 13 years old. Her grandmother suffered minor injuries, but Kylie had a worse fate. Depending on how a person is struck and at what speed can determine the kind of injury ones sustain. Kylie was struck first and absorbed most of the impact. She was rushed to the hospital with traumatic brain injury, internal organ bleeding, blood clots, a fractured pelvis, and other broken bones.

Kylie’s injuries resulted in two back to back surgeries. The doctors and medical staff were very clear that Kylie’s chance was slim. But she persisted and fought for her life. 72 hours after her two surgeries, Kylie started moving around extremities which were a good sign. Three weeks later, after intense physical therapy, Kylie began to walk again. In order to pass the time and regain a sense of normalcy, the young girl paints pictures of animals. She gifted the picture of a phoenix rising from the ashes to her doctor as a reminder that there is always hope. Kylie will have to have another surgery to replace part of her skull back into her head. The doctors had to remove it because of brain swelling.

What To Do

If you have been hit by a car, call the police. If you are able, get the driver’s information and start taking documentation from witnesses and personal accounts. Police reports don’t always tell the whole story. If you were injured then keep track of medical and financial records. As your attorney, we can use this as evidence for the kind of compensation you need. Insurance companies are businesses. They expect negotiation. Don’t take the first offer. Let us negotiate for you. Call 415-404-6395 or click here to start a conversation with our professional attorneys at Allegiance Law in Daly City today.

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