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Spring is here in San Francisco and the surrounding areas. Summer is not far off.

In numerous ways, this is an excellent and welcome shift for many Californians. The warmest months of the year can be the best times for enjoying our state.

However, it is important to understand that the return of ideal weather can also mean the return of certain unwanted trends. During the warmer months, many people choose to spend more time outside of their homes. These times of year also tend to be the times that attract the most tourists.

This can put more people out on the road and navigating streets on foot. As a result, there’s reason to believe pedestrian accidents are more common during spring and summer in California. Data from the U.S Department of Transportation also reveals motor vehicle accidents in general tend to rise slightly during spring and summer.

None of this is meant to cause excessive concern. It’s still possible to enjoy these months. You will simply find doing so is much easier if you take safety precautions.

There are many pedestrian safety tips you’re likely already aware of. Along with the obvious tips, it’s also wise to keep the following recommendations in mind when walking in our area.

Wear White or Bright Clothing

Did you know the color of your car impacts your chances of being involved in an accident? Black cars are the most accident-prone. White cars are the least.

This makes sense when you consider the visibility factor. There are many potential settings and driving circumstances that would render a black car difficult to see on the road. White cars, however, tend to be easy to spot in most environments aside from snowy landscapes.

The same principle likely applies to pedestrian accidents. Wearing clothing that has a positive impact on visibility will naturally make a pedestrian more noticeable to motorists.

Keep an Eye out For Drivers When Crossing the Street

You already know to look both ways before crossing the road. However, you might not consider that you need to strike a delicate balance when actually crossing. While it’s important to keep looking forward to some extent, you should also spend some of your time crossing while continuing to check your left and right. A motorist can arrive unexpectedly when you are crossing, particularly if they are speeding. Thus, you need to continue looking for drivers even when you’ve already checked for their presence.

Wear the Right Sunglasses

Wearing sunglasses is a smart way to protect your eyes when outdoors in spring and summer, but make sure you don’t choose sunglasses with lenses so dark they make it difficult to clearly see your surroundings.

Contact a San Francisco Pedestrian Accident Attorney

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