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The Bay Area community is roaring over the harsh reality of pedestrian safety on its streets. Each year, over 600 people are severely injured on San Franciscan streets while around 30 more lose their lives completely. Even though elderly folk makes up the majority of the fatalities in pedestrian-related deaths, there is additionally an alarming number of children who are also struck by moving automobiles within city limits. Allegiance Law wants to discuss the dangers of walking in “The Golden City” while providing resources to empower victims and their families. Our San Francisco pedestrian accident attorneys are here to represent the at-risk population of those traveling by foot.

The City’s Goals Falling Short

As city progress stagnates in its fight against traffic-related danger in the streets of San Francisco, the public is losing confidence in its “Vision Zero” plan aimed to eliminate serious injury and fatal accidents for pedestrians by 2024. Their concerns are rooted in the problematic statistics, disproportionate representation, and fast-approaching deadlines surrounding pedestrian safety in the Bay Area:

  • As of last year, 51% (86 miles) of San Francisco’s designated “high-injury streets” had no planned safety measures to decrease pedestrian accidents.
  • The current levels of severe injury and death-related accidents are still very high when considering the City of San Francisco’s Vision Zero 2024 deadline.
  • A myriad of basic safety-measure improvements such as crosswalk reform is still left unresolved nearly seven years after the adoption of the Vision Zero policy.
  • Lower-income areas and those with lower degrees of English language proficiency are disproportionately located within the “high-injury network” where most pedestrian traffic accidents occur.

The San Franciscan general public is taking a stand to improve the well-being of its foot traffic with the #SlowOurStreets movement as it perceives the initiatives taken by local government to be shortcomings. This movement – along with other public initiatives – is aimed at slowing down traffic in San Francisco and generally increasing confidence in motorless travel throughout the city.

How The Problem Of One Becomes A Problem For All

While these statistics are shocking, the issue of pedestrian danger hits too close to home for many San Francisco residents. In the fourth grade, student Matteo Mitchell lost his older brother, Dylan Mitchell, to a garbage truck driver. Riding his bike to work, Dylan suffered the consequence of setting out on the streets of San Francisco without a car. His passing shocked the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco and helped lead to the founding of the San Francisco Bay Area Families for Safe Streets organization. His devastating passing and the grim reality of the state of San Francisco streets were remembered on the eighth anniversary of the accident on May 23rd, 2021.

Allow Us To Lend A Hand

If you or a loved one are the victims of a traffic-related accident, please seek aid as soon as possible. By requesting assistance from our San Francisco pedestrian accident attorneys, you will be better enabled to obtain justice from motor-related injuries and deaths. Allegiance Law understands the personal implications of such terrible accidents and is committed to ensuring the best possible outcome for you and your loved ones. You can take the first step by clicking here or calling 415-404-6395.

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