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How do you call an unfamiliar number to reach a stranger and tell them the most devastating news of their lives? No one wants that job. No one wants to tell a parent, spouse, or sibling to come to the hospital and identify who may be their relative. People on the police force or hospital personnel have to make these kinds of phone calls every day. Particularly when an accident involves a motorcycle. Once you receive a phone call with devastating news, the next set of phone calls should be to our San Mateo Motorcycle Accident Attorney at Allegiance Law.

We understand heartbreak because it is our job to hear these harrowing tales of lives lost too soon. It is our job to receive news and tell you the legal options available to you. We do this because we love finding justice for people who are vulnerable. California does what it can to protect motorcycle riders, but sometimes it just isn’t enough.

Fatality on Highway 101

If you have ever been to law school or know someone who has, ask them about their final exams. Typically final exams are a set of fact patterns. In these fact patterns, the students are to address as many legal issues as possible. The accident that resulted in several injuries and a fatality read like an exam fact pattern. It all started early in the morning around 5 AM. The first of two accidents occurred because the driver of a Toyota Corolla fell asleep at the wheel and ran into the center divider. The second and the more severe accident occurred just minutes after the first accident. The second accident involved a motorcycle, a Honda CR-V, and a big rig. Investigators are unsure what really happened, but they think the collision occurred while trying to avoid the first accident.

The second accident resulted in the motorcycle rider being eject from his or her vehicle. When medics arrived on the scene the motorcyclist was pronounced dead. The driver of the Honda CR-V was taken to the hospital. The big rig driver kept driving. Investigators aren’t sure if he or she were aware of the accident. All lanes were closed. The question still remains, who is to blame? Was the Toyota to blame? Was the Honda CR-V to blame? All we know is that someone’s death needs to be addressed.

What To Do

If you or someone you love is suffering from an injury due to a motorcycle accident, you need to seek legal assistance immediately. California is an at-fault state and a comparative negligence state. A plaintiff must prove that someone was at fault before any liability is found. Comparative negligence means that an at-fault driver does not have to be 100% liable. An at-fault driver can be 20% liable. This means they only have to contribute to 20% of the damages. Don’t get stuck in a legal battle. Call 415-404-6395 or click here to start a conversation with our professional attorneys at Allegiance Law in San Mateo today.

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